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  5. "το γράμμα νι"

"το γράμμα νι"

Translation:the letter nee

August 30, 2016



The letter "Ni"? Does "Ni" have some other meaning? I don't understand.


Oh! This makes sense! Thank you!


it's something said by knights. o.o


this is what i came to the comments for, thanks! :D


what is "nee" in english? i am confused

[deactivated user]

    This sentence is like how you would say "The letter V" in English.

    As in, "What letter does the word 'vacuum' start with?" "The letter V."


    Thanks! I'm HORRIBLE at greek, but amazing at english and chinese(my main languages) and ok in spanish ( I've been studying it for at least a weekend now...)


    so transliteration from greek to latin alphabet is "to gramma ni" if I am reading correctly for "the letter n"? Why are only some transliterated in the drop-down tips with an English translation but others just show only the English translation? just wondering because with Russian for instance, it helps to think of that extra step if you've only ever used the Latin alphabet.

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