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  5. "The pineapple!"

"The pineapple!"

Translation:ο ανανάς!

August 30, 2016



Why is it ο and not το?


Because ανανάς is a Masculine noun, and singular.


How can i write in the greek alphabet here? I wrote it with latin and it wasn't correct?


The Greeklish (Greek with Latin characters is not accepted by Duolingo yet). You should change your keyboard into Greek in order to play the course.


I hope you don't accept Latin characters in the future, it is a real trap and would eventually slow up your progress making it more difficult to read Greek texts. I know it's very popular in text messages for "cool" young Greeks but they already have learnt to read in Greek characters.


why is my answer wrong ? i wrote the same: .i wrote "o ανανάς" and the answer is the same

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