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  5. "n pineapple"

"n pineapple"

Translation:ν ανανάς

August 30, 2016



should be "a pineapple" ?


If it was "a pineapple" then it would be "ένας ανανάς" The "ν" you see at the beginning is to point out that ν=n, just a letter. And then they give us the word "ανανάς" so that we can see the letter "ν" in action.


still ν ανανάς make no sense, either o ανανάς or ένας pineapple, this is very misleading.


It's like trying to teach someone who does not speak English the letter "p". The phrase could be "p pineapple".


then shouldn't it be α ανανάς :/ or ν νερο? or at least say p for pineapple because n pineapple is not English :(


I think I understand what the creators are going for, something like childrens' textbooks, but they usually use the first letter of the word. "α για ανανάς" or however the Greeks would say it might be a better, less confusing approach?


I think this is just a typo...

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