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We are in Beta!!!

Amazing news!!! After two years of hard work, delays and unexpected events the Greek course for English speakers is finally in Beta!!!

From now on you can start learning Greek and ask us any question you have. Don't forget to follow our group on Facebook here

Special thanks to all contributors and moderators of the Greek course, the former members of the team, the alpha testers and all of you who were supporting us all this time.

We will need your help to correct mistakes and improve our course by sending us feedback. Thank you very much for your patience and Καλή επιτυχία (Good luck).

Η Ελληνική ομάδα / The Greek team

PS. We didn't expect the Beta release today. Therefore, we are a little disorganized and we need some time to manage the situation. We ask for your understanding :)

August 30, 2016



I immediately jumped on my computer to start learning Greek! I was waiting for this course since I heard about it (quite a while ago). Thank you so much for your awesome work! You guys are awesome! :D

P.S I love the Alphabet lessons, they are very effective and a great resource to refer back to!


We had a concern about how to teach the alphabet! Glad you like it :D


Yeah, it's awesome! By the way, congratulations on becoming a moderator!


Thank you very much :)


Agreed about the alphabet. So much smoother than some of the other non-Latin-script languages. (Though, to be fair, Greek is a much easier transition than, say, Hebrew.)

Thanks so much for the course!


I don't know how you expect to learn all those languages, @austintheroux.


Thank you for creating this course! :D


Is it Guarani? I've just noticed it! What a day! Maybe there's a chance they'll add something new to the incubator :D


Both Guarani and Greek are out, yes. :)


English for Tagalog speakers has been added at least.


Fantastic! What a surprise! Congratulations and thank you very much for all your hard work!


Thank you very much for your kind words :)


Great work!!!!!!! I just happened to check Duolingo and I saw that the course was out and I started jumping up and down excitedly! Everybody thought I was weird, but it is surely worth the excitement! I'm only a little into the course, but your Tips and Notes are absolutely fantastic! Greek was the first language I ever wanted to learn, but only now am I getting to achieve my childhood dream! Thank you so much!


Thanks for this course a million! Me and my friend are racing to 100 words, I think I'm about to pass 100!!



(I hope that's right)


Παρακαλούμε :)

(Yes, it is right)


Just to be clear - is the course in beta or vita?


Oh happy day :) Thank you very much for all the work.


Wonderful! I have studied some Ancient Greek and am thrilled to jump into the Modern Greek course :)


Jeez, 709 day streek, how do you do it?


If you get a long enough streak, the threat of losing it becomes annoying enough that even on a day where you aren't especially motivated, you keep coming back :) I lost an 120 day one once and that annoyed me enough to come back the following 709 days.


What if you finish all the courses?


They always add more :) For instance, I just started Greek and Guarani yesterday because they just came out. I tend to do the courses quite slowly as well since I am doing a fair number of them. I have only finished the trees for Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Catalan and Polish, and even then, I am still reviewing Catalan and Polish daily.


Infinite thanks to the whole team.

[deactivated user]

    Thank you! I'm showering you with lingots while doing the chicken dance.

    • 2248

    No, no, NO!

    This is the right dance for the occasion:


    ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!


    I have waited SO LONG for this course and such a long time practicing the alphabet. When they changed it to October I was so sad, but then came this surprise! YES! Great course so far! I'd like to thank the team so much for their hard work!


    Hurray! The course is lots of fun so far, thanks for all your hard work. I also appreciate that your course is the only one so far to actually teach the letter names.

    One thing I noticed, though - in the plurals lesson the tips and notes says that the endings being taught are only for the nominative case, but then many of the questions in the lessons are in accusative case. Something to keep in mind for tree 2.0...or maybe you can filter which sentences show up in that lesson? Sorry if there is a more appropriate place to submit feedback on whole lessons rather than just specific sentences.


    Well done, Team Greek! A happy surprise :)


    Thank you so much! Very excited at this joyous news.

    Question - do you recommend a particular Greek keyboard, or can I get away with transliterating the Greek alphabet into the Latin alphabet?


    Learn the greek alphabet! You can easily change language if you use the Google keyboard on Android.


    It was my morning surprise these news! Wonderful work from the Greek team! Now it is time all the Greek speaking to help a bit the team, I think, reporting bugs or everything they notice, in order to proceed from the beta version to the official version asap. It is a matter of time. Do not hesitate to ask us, the Greek speaking about Greek language issues. We, the Greek speaking have the unique chance to give our native language a chance to disseminate to people who love the Greek language. And there are many, I think, around the world. Thanks, Greek team!


    It is wonderful to have the individual words on a recorded course. I was worried as I have struggled previously when only some sentences had audio, but this is wonderful. Thank you:)


    WOW! Thanks…this is amazing!


    Thank you guys so much for working so hard on the Greek course! I've been looking forward to it. I love it so far! It's a bit challenging, but anything with doing is. :)


    Congratulations and thank you for all your efforts to bring our beautiful language to Duolingo! Συγχαρητηρια στην Ελληνικη ομαδα!


    Thanks a thousand to all the Greek team! I really wanted this one to be released! In fact, I'm on Duolingo only because of it! There are few free available means to learn Greek online, so this has been a HUGE contribution!



    Congrats! What do you think of my new flag?


    I have a list of languages i want to learn. I didnt have the means to learn 2 of them, afrikans and greek, but now i only have one where i cant learn. Thank you sooo much for making the greek course. BTW the languages i want to learn are: German Im level 8 on this and also taking memrise, portugese on this and memrise, dutch on this and memrise, frence on both,greek only on this, italian, esperanto, afrikaans, again, not on any, chinese only on memrisee, russian, swedish, spanish, norwegen, and maybe scots. Thank you sooo much again. Literally only chinese and africaans are not on this. So you are literally the best! Sincerely, Jakob.


    The biggest challenge in my language learning has begun! It's going to be a long road... Have been eagerly waiting for the beta, thanks guys!


    Thank you very much for creating this course, and releasing it so early! I expected the course to be released sometime in September. Thank you! Εχαριστώ πολύ!

    I would actually very much like to try out the new course, but I barely have any time for Duolingo now a days and it’s a miracle I am managing to keep my strike. All the time goes to being in school, reading and doing my homework. When I get some more time, presumably on the weekends, I will try it out.


    Καλημέρα ελληνική ομάδα! Thanks loads for the course, I was looking forward to it! :) I feel like what matters most at the moment is to receive as much feedback from users who are native greek speakers. I've already submitted quite a few reports :P :P :P


    Συγχαρητήρια! Now the fun starts! Thank you all for the great work.


    floating towards the sky LAAA! LAAA! :P


    Oh, wow that is great news! Jumping onto this wagon! :D

    Great news!!

    P.S. : I didn't receive a message that the course was released into Beta, though.

    I thought that clicking on the 'Learn Greek' button (from before Beta), which then gave you the same screen with the new message 'We will notify you', would result into getting a message when it was released. I suspect that it had to do with enabling announcement messages in settings.

    Is that correct?


    Yes, I haven't received any message too yet!


    I just started, apparently a week after release to Beta, as I also got no announcement, even though my setting was on. No big deal though. I'm delighted the course is up and going, and really like the alphabet skill set. Congrats to all the team!


    So long I have been waiting for this! God, I love you all :-)


    I think you mean veeta?


    Καλημέρα, Καλησπέρα και Καληνύχτα. Good job

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