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  5. "μία δάδα"

"μία δάδα"

Translation:A torch

August 30, 2016



My study of Romance languages is not helpful... I would have guessed "my dad". :-(


In Russian it is Баба, woman looks like a grandma


Подкол засчитан (The joke was counted)


That is funny in a nice kind of way.


Why would they include a word like a torch on such an early stage??


If this is the term employed for the torch used by runners to carry the Olympic flame, it would be an iconic Hellenic cultural reference.


Ναι, 'ολυμπιακή δαδα'


Because they're not teaching vocabulary here -- they're teaching us how to read the alphabet. "dada" is pretty simple as reading goes. :)


So can someone explain why you use Mia rather than ena to say one?


Looks like μία is feminine and ενα is neuter.


Very good question,i am wonder too!!Tank you!


Yes, when the noun functions as the subject of the sentence, then "μία" is the definite feminine article and "ένα" is the definite neuter article. There are many discussions on this topic, which you can find using the search bar ;)


I find it difficult to hear what the reader is saying even with these new speakers. She sounds so laid back she sounds sleepy. Can I be the only one with this problem?


Well, all TTS recordings sound a bit laid back. At least the articulation is ok in this case.


Is μία used for femenine nouns always?


Please explain the accents positions for Greek. Otherwise its a total guess and im guessing incorrectly.


They indicate which vowels are stressed. Once you know how a word is pronounced, you'll know where the accents go.


Thx for the advice.

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    Please, where do I find accented letters? Thank you!

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    There are several ways to type diacritics. One, is to install the appropriate language package that comes with the system you are using (Windows, IOS, Android, etc) and then switch between the various language systems/keyboards as needed. Another, much easier is to use a browser/application that provides multiple languages support; for example, in Google Chrome, you could use Google Translate application which will provide a 'soft' keyboard for the language selected! This is by far the easiest as it should work on any system (Windows, Apple, Android) as long as you have Google Translate access in your browser... NOTE: I use Chrome which comes with Google Translate... HTH, Daniel.


    Ubuntu comes with Greek keyboard where you type ; (a dead key) and then the letter - this gives you an accented letter. Actually much easier than finding extensions.

    There's a bunch of other Greek layouts, too (eg. without dead keys if this is not your desired behavior).

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      Thank you! I should have explained better: I use the Greek keyboard that comes with Windows but I haven't found out how to insert accents. In any case I had not thought of the Google Translate solution. It sounds quite useful. Thanks again. Regards, Stefania

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      For use of the Greek language package in Windows, see this link: http://patristica.net/graeca/how-to-type-in-greek/. It works with Windows 10 as well. HTH, Daniel.


      The Greek keyboard layout makes the (English layout) semi-colon a dead key. Hit it then hit the vowel that needs the acute accent. For the words with a diaeresis, hit Shift+(English) semi-colon, then the vowel.

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        That is funny in a nice kind of way.


        Go to your phone settings; find language and add Greek Ελλενικα. I had to do it again yesterday as I have a new phone and had to remember how to do it.


        Why teach torch??!


        It's simply to help you learn the sounds of the Greek letters. And then...why not teach "torch". Thousands of words are taught on this course. Check here:



        Wow, look. It means torch. δάδα Yeay, I can type in Greek!


        Please stop using the male voice

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