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  5. "Εγώ είμαι άντρας."

"Εγώ είμαι άντρας."

Translation:I am a man.

August 30, 2016



Do we ommit the indefinite article? Why do we not add ένας?


In Greek the use of the indefinite article is usually optional. Either you use it or not you are correct! The native speakers ommit the article when they can for brevity!




I thought using the indefinite article would input the word "one", would it not?


I see you use more "άντρας" than "άνδρας".


I guess that "άντρας" is more modern. In fact I have tried some English for Greek lessons when I was waiting for this course, and I kept writing the ancient version άνθρωπος or άνδρας as hinted by Android (as in cellphones), and kept being prompted that "άντρας" is recommended.


Μπαμπινιώτης says in his dictionary that άνδρας is καθημερινή = daily or careless language

This means that he considers ΆΝΔΡΑΣ better language


I don't understand your point. What does it mean ΆΝΔΡΑΣ is better?


It is not exactly my point but Babinióti's point. I have now consulted a lot of other dictionaries and they all give both άνδρας and άντρας as synonyms so I guess we can use whatever we like. However Alexander the Great is ΑλέξανΔρος ο Μέγας


I am learning on Fifty Languages and they teach "άνδρας" and that's why I wrote the comment above. I prefer "άνδρας" because of the Spanish word "androceo". :-) But anyway, I think they have the same sound (ντ and δ).

Αλέξανδρος ο Μέγας. Wow, very interesting. That's another reason I love learning languages, specially Greek.


It does sound different, but they are both correct. Sometimes i stead of "δ" we use "ντ".

As you can understant, greek is a very old language and it has been modified through the years for countless of reasons. These days these two spellings are both accepted.


You use it interchangebly every day. We natives dont even notice it. Its like in spanish that they consider that v and b sound the same. However αντρας comes out more easily as ντ dipthong produces the sound d. On writing ανδρας is prefered


"I am a man", said by a woman

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