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  5. "ψ και ψυχή"

"ψ και ψυχή"

Translation:Psee and soul

August 30, 2016



Another solution could be: "Psi and psyche".


Added!!! Thank you for your reports :D


Hmm...I just used "psi and psyche" and it was reported wrong.


Translation and transliteration: ψ(ps)υ(y)χ(ch)ή(e)


Is it just me, or is the auto voice for this thing really bad? I hear an extra vowel before ψυχή, the vowel "a" or "o".


Ι think the audio is not so good also the womans voice ,not clear at all.


I hear an L after the ή... Idk if it's just me


I hear different things when they speak fast or slow. The correct Psee kie psechee is only heard when slow voice. Otherwise is sounds like Psee klepseshii... wherever that L in kLepsi came from when it's supposed to be και ψυχή and not κλέπσιχη.


I'm confused about how to go about typing the Greek. I can't type in the alphabet on my computer, but sometimes transliteration works and sometimes not. I typed 'psi kai psyhee' as it asked to type what I heard but it didn't work?


The best solution is to simply download a Greek keyboard. I'm sure that you can find an app on whichever app store your computer uses. If you also use a phone, adding languages will be under System->Language and Input -- then you can usually switch between keyboards with the spacebar.


I answered 'life' for ψυχη. It means this in Ancient Greek, but wondered if the translation in Modern Greek could also mean this?

[deactivated user]

    Life means ζωή, not ψυχή.


    How do i change my keyboard to Greek as I can't complete the assessment withough it Efaresto

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    If you are on the website, check the Tips and notes section under the lessons of the first skill. you can also check the the course's FAQ post here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23799672. If you are on the app, use a browser to go to the website! :) The Tips and notes (available for most(?) skills) are too good to miss but they are not available on the app.

    If you have trouble accessing either the Tips or the FAQs post, google "how to add greek keyboard on ___" and fill in with the type of device you're using.


    Shoudn't be "... A sloul?


    what does psee and soul even mean


    The first is the name of a Greek letter and the second is a word that starts with that letter in Greek. It is kind of like when we say "A is for apple.", etc.

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