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lesson speed, Greek to English only?

The lessons aren't ever repeating words. If I get it right, it seems to never repeat it. And 99% is just having me translate Greek to English, I'm not getting any English to Greek questions?

August 30, 2016


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It's that way at the beginning. It gets more complex later. And repetition will also occur it is built into the duo system. I hope your experience gets more positive. don't hesitate to come back with questions and feedback.


Repetition will predominantly happen during strengthening, not when new things are introduced. This is the case for a majority of Duolingo courses.


It's true of most courses on here, however, if you try the reverse tree (learning your native language from your target language), you will get more English to Greek translations.

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Very true. Thanks for the clue.


You're welcome!


The translation to English thing is a duolingo issue. All the courses I've done have had more translations from the language you are learning into the language you are learning from. It is also a common complaint :(


Yes, this isn't unique to the Greek course by any means. I absolutely love the Irish course, but there aren't many Irish response exercises at all unfortunately.

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