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  5. "маленькая сцена"

"маленькая сцена"

Translation:a small stage

August 30, 2016



Is the ц in сцена really pronounced by natives? I've heard show hosts say "на сцене" and it sounds to me like "ссе" rather than "сце". Could it be a regional thing maybe or is my listening comprehension in need of training?


I'd say it depends on a speaker. Most of the time "ц" is pronounced but maybe not clear enough for a non native listener.


I see no reason to mute "ц" as a native


Thank you both! I guess my ear needs more intensive training...


To me the pronunciation sounds as though the word were spelled "мали́нькая". I understand the stress is supposed to be on the first syllable, but to me it sounds more like it's on the second (although the "е" sounds like "и", like you would expect when it's unstressed).


TTS might sound a bit slow here. Usually, you say MAH-lin'kaya stressing Mah


It really sounds like they're saying "мыленькая сцена". Should this be reported?


The phrases sounds as they sound, and will not change.

I kind of can hear the pronunciation being slightly blurry (if I listen close enough). However, I cannot hear the Ы


Can this also mean "a small scene" - as in "a short [in duration] scene]"?


Sorry, but i never heard the expression "short scene" or "long scene". A "small scene" is usually understood to mean a small area of that scene.

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