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alphabet "words" should be excluded from skills once you pass that far

It produces meaningless phrases like "ν άνανας" where the correct answer is "Ni pineapple".

August 30, 2016



So does thins mean we won't be using that phrase a lot if we visit Greece?


Totally agree with that.


Can't emphasise this enough. A whole strengthen skills lesson just went to the alphabet again


Make sure you go through it not using the hints (not that you'd have any reason to). It'll be golden for a very long while soon enough. Then it's unlikely the whole tree strengthen skills (which does tend to just be on one unit any given time) will target that lesson again.

Spaced repetition systems, I think, have an inherent rockiness as they figure out where you are. Remember that what works for you won't make sense for everybody: not everybody who shows up for the Greek course comes knowing the names of these characters. The fact that these characters have some individual significance in Western languages and cultures solely of their own accord is probably part of why the course creators set up these units this way. It is different than how the Russian and Hebrew courses start off, for example. And the Hebrew one is widely panned b/c it's just too hard.

Whole tree strengthen skills can get annoying after being around for months and well mastering a good deal more than just the very first skill because eventually everything ungilds. Just pick the units you want to focus on.


I think they should modified the style in questions in this part of the language. For instance, Memrise teaches the Arabic alphabet this way: Each letter is a new word. But it does not ask a translation. I don't know if it is any way to restrict the type of questions in this part. I think that DL cannot do this. But for languages with different alphabet is too weird to ask to translate the letter, even it can be understood it easily. It is wrong.


I believe it is a requirement of the entire Duo system that each "word" be included in three separate sentences. (or at least that those percentages everyone reads too much into about how far things are along in the incubator revolves around that)

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If you are new to Duo you may like this: Hints and Tips for the use of Duo hints =https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4821654

The Greek Forums: Forums =https://www.duolingo.com/topic/936

This is a purely personal list of GREEK RESOURCES that I've checked. It's not exhaustive nor guaranteed accurate.

It's wiki and it's very good: wiki =https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Greek_grammar Very good and full.

wiki brief Very good though brief.




-- brief Brief but good.


unilang =http://www.unilang.org/course.php?res=68 Good basic grammar.

-- foundalis =http://www.foundalis.com/lan/grkalpha.htm Full not easy to use


podcast =https://itisallgreektome.wordpress.com/podcast/

ilearn =http://www.ilearngreek.com/grammartoc.asp



conjugations VERY GOOD =http://cooljugator.com/gr

http://moderngreekverbs.blogspot.gr/2008/03/i-drink-bere.html Good verb conjugations but the wallpaper is distracting. ==http://moderngreekverbs.blogspot.gr/2008/03/i-drink-bere.html

PODCAST: podcast Hellenic American Union Podcasts. Very good audio. All Greek but simple.==http://www.hau.gr/?i=learning.en.podcasts-in-greek

GOOD AUDIO: audio == http://www.surfacelanguages.com/greek/basic-greek-grammar.html Good audio

PODCAST: podcast ==http://www.sbs.com.au/podcasts/yourlanguage/greek

audio Good audio Eng and Greek ==http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/EN/ENEL/ENEL002.HTM

A list of lists: :-) rawlings Good though short list of resources. One of my favorites. ==http://rawlangs.com/2013/04/23/ten-ways-to-learn-greek-for-free/

various Not Grammar but interesting. ==http://www.greektravel.com/index.html#Introduction

DICTIONARIES *(No online dictionary is completely reliable. They only translate literally which can be far from the actual meaning. So, use with care."

lexilogos My all time favorite. ==http://www.lexilogos.com/english/greek_dictionary.htm

babylon Very good. ==http://translation.babylon-software.com/english/to-greek/

lexi I have not tried this.==http://www.lexicool.com/greek-dictionary-translation.asp

VOCABULARY: memrise- ==

Vocabulary: Some specialties: vocab Interesting grammar for hotel employees but not only == http://www.jobtrust.gr/en/for-aplicants/basic-greek-vocabulary

Please send feedback and additions.

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