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Accented vowels help

There is no accented vowels on the Microsoft Greek keyboard. Not as far as I can find. I'm assuming there is a simple way to get these that I am missing.


August 30, 2016



I've been also just trying to figure it out for a while and and it's ";" + vowel (not simultaneously, click ";" first, then the vowel) on my keyboard (Linux). Maybe it'll work for you. If not, try googling descriptions of the layout. You're using a Greek layout from the settings, right?


Thanks for the Linux tip! I had figured out ὰ but not ά.


That just gives me: ;α;ο


How are you typing accents in Spanish/French/Italian? What kind of tool exactly are you using now for Greek?


Those languages have the accented vowels available on the duolingo website itself under the input box.

Like I said it is the Microsoft keyboard in Greek. The one found under the Regions and Language section of the Settings.


I've just checked it on the other computer with Windows (what OS do you have?) and ";" + vowel works just fine in the default Greek keyboard. Try other possible Greek keyboard layouts. In the setting there should be a "+" next to "Greek". Click on it and you'll see the possible layouts. Add them and check if ";" + vowel is working on any of them. Especially try "polytonic" although I'm convinced it should work in the normal layout, too. Strange.


Nope, you are right. I was using the touchscreen keyboard. When I switched back to my external it worked just as you said! Thanks for your help.


Mine works the way Gerardd88 says but when I was trying to figure it out I found a site that said to try "shift ;" and the letter. I don't know if it is all at the same time or what. http://www.patristica.net/graeca/how-to-type-in-greek/


Are you using Linux? Can you tell me how to type Greek, I'm running Linux Mint.



Try looking for a list of languages/keyboard layouts. There should be something like text entry settings/languages, maybe in keyboard. I found something like this. Not sure if this is it though. If you've found it, just add Greek.


thanks I'll check it out.


Just to expand on this, to use diaeresis, press Shift + ; + y/i. To use diaeresis with stress, press Shift + w + y/i.

ϊ ϋ ΐ ΰ


Thank you! I've tried it and it works. By the way, what the numbers next to flags mean? Svetlana.


I was going to ask about this, but I'm glad someone else has noticed this :) Does anybody know what the accents mean? Is it for emphasis?

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Yes, just as you said. You know which syllable to emphasise by where the accent is: e.g. σπίτι, SPEEti (house). κρασί, kraSEE (wine). Accents tend to go towards the end of the word.


To type accented vowels on the Microsoft Greek keyboard, click the colon/semicolon button and then press the vowel you want. This is how I can get ά, ί, ό etc.


is there information on accented Italian vowls I seem to keep getting it wrong when doing my lessons with duolingo please help susan coby

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