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"I am a man and she is a woman."

Translation:Io sono un uomo e lei è una donna.

February 4, 2013



I think the explanation about "e" and "ed" is wrong, I understood: you can use both as you want, and it's better if use "ed" before a vowel, but never says don't use it before other words.


"ed" is only used in front of a vowel. You cannot use it in front of a consonant.


Thank you for shedding light on the subject. This should have been explained at the beginning on the pop-up bubble.


I wrote "Sono un uomo ed è una donna" but it says I got it wrong. Can anyone tell me why?


its because that translates to "i am a man and is women", you would have to write "sono un uomo e lei è una" donna" not ed because lei stats with a consonant so e is used.


Same question here.


What is the difference between "e" and "ed"


"Ed" is used before a word starting with a vowel. But they both mean "and."


I answered "sono un uomo ed e una donna" it told me to use "ella" instead of "e" .. why ?


Can someone explain the difference between "e" and "e` "


È means "is" and e (or ed) means "and."


I have read many commenst on the use of ed and e. Some say ed when vowel is the first letter of next word and some say it does not matter. I still am not sure what is correct (or when). It occurred to me maybe duolingo is trying to emphasize the difference of e (and) and (is) ((sorry my computer does not have accent marks)). Don't really know / just a thought.


How is this wrong? Sono un uomo ed lei è una donna


ed can only be used in front of words beginning with a vowel.
Ex. Io ed Alessandro, Maria è bionda ed è sposata con Marco.


I cant place an accent on the second e from my keyboard

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