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  5. "J'ai des chats."

"J'ai des chats."

Translation:I have cats.

February 4, 2013



Why isn't "J'ai des chattes" correct?


That's cause of the pronunciation. Male cat is pronounced as simply sha, since the t is silent, but the tt is heard in chatte. If you don't hear a t, it's chats, if you hear it clearly, it's chattes.


It is correct.chat means male cat and chatte means female cat chattes is plural


i thought you could only create a contraction if the first word ends with the same letter that the second word starts with. ex. ce + est = c'est. Why are we able to combine je and ai in this example?


No, they happen extremely often. If X is a word that starts with a vowel, or a silent 'h' you will get a contraction for the following:

Je + X = J'X (e.g. j'ai)

le + X = l'X (e.g. l'homme)

la + X = l'X (e.g. l'eau)

de + X = d'X (e.g. d'une)

que + X = qu'X (e.g. qu'on)

There are also some not so obvious contractions, (or words you didn't realize are contractions):

à + le = au

de + le = du

de + les = des

There are a lot more, and they are intimidating at first, but the patterns will be obvious as you go. The point of a contraction is to make the words flow together.


Thanks It was realy helpful


The "ai in J'ai means have . No point questioning it I have is always, J'ai


Is saying "des chats" just more general than "les chats"? I guess the latter would mean "I have the cats" rather than "I have cats". Right?


Yes to an extent, this is because the word "de" is a partitive article, which is an article that expresses an unknown quantity of something in general. To be exact, it acts as an indefinite plural article which doesn't exist in English. "J'ai du lait." --> "I have (some) milk." You might run into a situation where you want to say you like something in general. You would have to say "les" instead of "des". This is because appreciation verbs don't go along with partitive articles in context. "J'aime des frites. I like fries" is incorrect. "J'aime les frites. I like fries" is correct. Even though the word "the" is not present when translated, this helps avoid grammatical errors when expressing things you like in general.


The articles work like this:

  • Un chat, des chats = a cat, cats
  • Une pomme, des pommes = an apple, apples
  • un homme, des hommes = a man, men
  • une femme, des femmes = a woman, women

I.e., "des" in this situation represents the plural of "un" or "une". There is no counterpart for this in English (although some people use "some", it is not entirely correct).


'I have some cats" was just marked wrong....I fail to see why considering the answer given here is "I have cats".


The answer to your question is already given above. J'ai quelques chats = I have some cats, where the meaning of "some" is "a few".


Why was "des" used?


"Des" is the plural of "un/une". I.e., "un chat" = a cat and "des chats" = cats. What word do we use to translate "des". Well, nothing really, because English does not have an actual counterpart for the plural article. Here are some other examples:

  • un homme (a man), l'homme = the man, les hommes = the men, des hommes = men.
  • une pomme (an apple), la pomme = the apple, les pommes = the apples, des pommes = apples.


How do you pronounce J'ai? I thought it sounded more like "ay" like in the word "say." But now it sounds more like an "eh."


The sound you hear on Duolingo is accurate. Know that individual pronunciations may vary slightly in the real world. It's normal.


How do you pronounce singular and plural of de/des and chat/chats. I don't think I hear an s.


You will not hear the "s" at the end of words unless a liaison is used and then it will sound like a "Z", e.g., vous avez (the words are run together and the "s" is pronounced like a "z").


Hi, why in the sound there's not a liaison or contraction between je and ai, because although they are together sound by separate. Is it wrong?


"J'ai" is pronounced as one word (sounds like zjai). It is the mandatory contraction of "je" + "ai". There is no other way to write it or to pronounce it except as a single word with the apostrophe.


Couldn't hear that sentence


Good job it was written down! This lady made the sounds " Shppeyshah" to say J'ai des chats

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