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  5. "Πίνω και τρώω."

"Πίνω και τρώω."

Translation:I drink and I eat.

August 30, 2016



this means 'eat and drink' as well as 'I am eating'


Yes, both should be given, I'll check it and add it if not. Thanks for the heads up.


my answer of "drink and eat" was marked incorrect. Do I have to include the "I" ? I guess it is implied - yes?


How do I tell that the subject is included? It seemed like it was just looked like "eat and drink" to me...

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Unless I am mistaken, 'eat and drink' in English can only stand on its own as the imperative, which is very different in Greek. The ending of the verbs here (-ω) clearly indicate it's the first person singular and the phrase means 'I (am) eat(ing) and drink(ing)'.


This is explained in Basic 2 Tips & notes. I've now added it to Basic 1. Each Skill has Tips & note found right under the list of Lessons on the Homepage.


It could also be "I drink and eat"


Yes, this is also accepted.


why on this you can put "πίνω" only but the other I had i had to put not only "πίνω?"


is it pronounced "troh-oh" or just "troh"?


More like troh-oh, or just a longer oh


I eat and drink is also correct amd should be accepted (it is not now).


"I drink and eat." is a correct translation in our database.

Changing the word order results in an incorrect translation.

This has been explained in other comments on this page.


Pretty sure that "I'm drinking and I'm eating" is a proper translation as well. It's the more grammatical way to say "I drink and I eat" without sounding like a caveman. That being said: It is apparently "not correct", which I would argue isn't right to say.


''I drink and eat." is the general statement.

"I am drinking and eating," is what is happening at the moment you are speaking. They are both grammatically correct and none of our sentences "sound like a caveman."

Both are accepted for this translation which means that if your translation wasn't accepted you had something else wrong>

We moderators cannot see your sentence therefore before you make a comment you should have made a REPORT. TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER and EFFECTIVE + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM


they will help you:

1 always find the correct translation (Drop Down Hints)

2 find explanations for grammar and vocabulary....(Tips & notes)

3 Show you what to do if your sentence is rejected or you have another problem.

Also, check out the Greek Forum with many more resources…... https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936


My answer was counted wrong because I didn't add a small .


A small "what"? I don't know what you mean.

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