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Hello everyone! So, like others, I have started the Greek tree. I am new to having multiple trees.

Question 1: Does it take a few days for the Greek tree to show up next to my name on the comments?

Question 2: I am keeping a notebook of all the Greek alphabet and words i'm learning. Is that a good idea?

(EDIT) Question 3!: If you learn multiple languages at the same time, do you mix them up sometimes? (Since Greek is so different from Spanish, I don't think I'll come by this, but just wondering ) :)

Thanks for your input!

August 30, 2016


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Keeping notes is a great idea. I use Quizlet which has a variety of functions aside from lists. There are other sites out there. When I started on Duo I used a notebook, pure confusion.


I will look into Quizlet, thank you :)


3) I'm learning five languages currently, but I usually don't mix them up. The only problem is sometimes I accidentally translate into the wrong language. However, I usually don't mix up the vocabulary.


Okay, Thanks for you're input :)

  1. Nope. You just need to hit level 2, and it will automatically show up next to your name (same with all other languages)

  2. That's a great idea! I do the same thing for Swahili, and it helps me study the words better.


Oh ! Okay! I've been on Duolingo a little bit over a year now, and I've just been sticking with Spanish, so I wasn't sure about the multiple trees thing. :)


Good luck and happy learning!

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