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"הניסוי הזה לא קשור לגודל החפץ."

Translation:This experiment is not connected to the size of the object.

August 30, 2016



Does "tied to" here mean something like dependent upon?


"Related to" maybe or "has to do with". Dependent upon is תלוי ב. But it can mean similar things.


I see that חפץ is derived from Aramaic חפצא (object), but I'm trying to find the connection to "wanting" or "desiring". It's as though "the object of my desire" is circular logic. Can anyone explain?


Is it because we are desirous of things (objects)?


What kind of an experiment could this be talking about, I have no imagination of when to say this, anybody?


One is standing on the 35th floor and release a tiny stone and a big rock and test their velocity at the impact moment. This experiment has nothing to do with the object size


That's interesting, but I would say that the result of this experiment has no connection to the object size. On the other hand the experiment itself does - the experiment tests the influence of the object size on the velocity.


"Connected" is not the right word. "Has nothing to do with" or "unrelated" should be a better choise

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