"That's your fourth cake!"

Translation:זאת העוגה הרביעית שלךָ!

August 30, 2016

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zot ha-ugá ha-revi'ít shelchá.


You need to set your HTML codes as right-to-left so that the ! is at the end. It appears at the beginning in the solution because punctuation defaults into the language of the page (in this case English) unless it has RTL characters on BOTH sides of it. Since it's at the end of the sentences, it moves to the next position TO THE RIGHT, which is appears to be the beginning of the sentence. The solution is to set the div of the answer box to RTL so that the default is reversed and punctuation will default to the next position TO THE LEFT.


Finally, a sentence I'm likely to hear often.


So, מורפיקס says that זוהי means "this is" or "that is" in reference to a feminine noun. Can זוהי ever mean just "this" or "that" like זאת does?


It's a contraction of זו היא (this/that is).


Why does fourth come after the noun?


Because FOURTH functions as an adjective.

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