"Te óvónő vagy és odarepülsz a tetőre, jó?"

Translation:You are a kindergarten teacher and you fly over to the roof, okay?

August 30, 2016

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"Wait, I need to be in character first. What's my motivation?"


"Friendly Attitude, check. Nursery rhymes, check. Patience, check. X335Z-Lightweight Jetpack, check.

Alright, let's do this."


This the beginning of our Superóvónö training/brainwashing


DL sould get some training in teaching foreign languages.What and when to teach .Usually one goes from simple sentences to complicated ones, and from useful subjects to sophisticated ones. WE know about weird flights but we do not parts of the body,how to buy elementary food,etc.Daily life is ignored by DL


Totally agree, I went to hungary recently and I realized that I can say that 89 kindergarten teachers are not flying to the tall tree but over the wide river... But I couldn't even remember how to say "I can" or "I have"


I definitely feel you, BUT ... The verb 'to have' does not really exist in Hungarian, so you would need some constructions that are not too beginner-friendly to convey this meaning.


The kindergarten teachers have such impressive skills.


Am I Mary Poppins?




Can be asking for confirmation of something the speaker's uncertain of ("right?" in English) instead of asking the listener to confirm the listener understood ("okay?" in English)?


Yes! In this case: jó? = okay? Or: do you agree?


All joking aside, if "fly over onto the roof" is incorrect (in place of the very stilted-sounding "fly there onto the roof"), please explain why.


2 things - you have two independent sentences that you are trying to combine in to a poorly worded English sentence. Second - You fly to the roof or fly over the roof. In your sentence what are you flying over? You can fly over the garden (something) to the roof. Poorly worded English sentence.


I am getting seriously fed up with these kindergarten teachers. Is there no other occupation in Hungary?! Why Duo does not teach more vocabulary? Once it's about flying, why can it not be a pilot, for example? Flying teachers were funny at the first time but it's getting very boring and dumb.


------- you've got a long road ahead of you, bo . chill and go with the flow . . .

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Agree 100% Maybe I don't share their sense of absurd humor, but it's really gotten annoying. Would prefer to learn some sentences that I could actually use someday. Also "kindergarten teacher" is a pretty long and tedious to type in English every time, adding to the nuisance.


Okay, why do these surreal phrases always involve preschool teachers? For those of you who have taken other languages, does this happen there too?


------ kindergarten teachers are not necessarily pre-school teachers. we , here in the us, have nursery schools to deal with kids younger than five .

óvónő has a number of interesting features: lots of diacritics and the genderization by adding -nő . in hungarian it's short and convenient. but, in english it's the reverse ! . . .

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I agree 100%.We are tought all sort of complicated sentences,unnecessary vocabulary but we do not know how to ask for a coffee and the like,


keresek kavet. Transitive verb, takes accusative,like in German in this case.


German is a doddle compared with this!


No, I do Italian, Dutch and French, never had a kindergarten show up there.


Kindergarten teacher


is this in the job description ?


It's a prerequisite.

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    Here we go with the flying kindergarten teachers again, lol, although somewhat annoying these sentences always make me laugh.


    When do you use TO and when ONTO???


    TO when you emphasize that you are going to the general area of/around the object and ONTO when you want to specify that you want to get on top of the surface layer of the object.


    Isn't it ÁTREPÜLSZ for fly OVER?


    We don't fly over the roof in this example, we fly to the roof OVER THERE. Besides that you're correct.


    ..."Te óvónő vagy és odarepülsz a tetőre, jó?"...

    -------- you are a kindergarten teacher and you fly onto the roof over there, okay ? . . .

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    On Duolingo web the audio is missing, so reported ('The audio does not sound correct.').


    "You are a kindergarten teacher and fly over to the roof, okay?" It is funny.


    You are a nursery teacher and you fly over to the roof, okay? - why is this not acceptable?


    I'm native Hungarian and I speak English fairly regularly since I was 10 (now 15), I just take this course to keep my Hungarian on point. This single awnser took me 6 tries. Tf is wrong with me?


    i can understand politicians flying out of the windows, especially in hungary, but kindergarten teachers?:D


    Megtanulunk mesélni? Mi a cél?

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