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Rewards? Shop? Skill Points?

Rewards? Shop? Is there anything to do with these Skill Points we earn? I'm not complaining, however it would be cool to get some sort of way to spend these skill points without making it stupid like providing an animated avatar.

June 14, 2012



This would be exciting! I'd like some kind of achievement system and perhaps a way to spend coins on neat things like extra bonus lessons, or profile functionalities


Agreed. Right now I have more incentive to just repeat lessons that do any real translations (not to say that I would; I support duolingo). If we were able to use the points that we earns in some way I swear translations for wiki would go up a hell of a lot more.


I was wandering about that too...


It's mainly meant for the Leaderboard section if you happen to be competing against friends. Unfortunately, learning languages is not as 'up there' as drinking or watching TV so a lot of people's leaderboards (like my own) tend to be rather superfluous.

You're not meant so 'spend' them per se (ie, they should never go down). What you could have is milestones. For instance, if you make it to 5,000 SP you get a fancier border around your profile pic, etc...


I agree very much. I think some sort of spendable currency or achievement system would make this site even more amazing.


I'd like to get a skill tree, or tech tree if you like. Where you spend your skill points. You can spend your points on more stamina so that you can learn more words every day. Because with this tech tree system they should also be adding energy, to limit the ammount of time you can spend on this website. Also we need more bosses, the first boss was not funny at all. I want to be a healer, who will tank in my group?

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