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  5. "σ και τ στάση"

"σ και τ στάση"

Translation:Sigma and taf stop

August 31, 2016



This may mean something to AE speakers but I'm not sure what is intended by this sentence. Does it mean "sigma and taf full stop (period)" or am I completely missing the point (highly likely knowing me) Thanks. :-)


"Sigma" and "taf" are the names of the letters "σ" and "τ" respectively. Like "ef" for "f" and "jay" for "j" in English. :-)


Thanks for your reply, I am afraid my question was a little ambiguous, I already knew the letters, as I know the alphabet from my student days but wanted to start at the beginning in order to make sure I didn't miss something crucial. However, I read the sentence as being "sigma and" "taf stop" with "taf stop" being together as a single entity like "red shoes".

I can now see where my problem lies and blame the lateness of the hour and my tiredness for not having realised before. The sentence needs a full stop (period) between "taf" and "stop", so that it becomes :

" Sigma and taf. Stop."

or, alternatively, a comma between "sigma" and "taf" with "and" coming between "taf" and "stop" giving :

"Sigma, taf and stop"

Thanks for your help. :-))

Edit: I did get the question right, which was why I didn't send a problem report but I can see now that maybe I should have done.

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We'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up. But the Greek can't be edited so we'll either delete it or keep it as a reminder of how mistakes get made. :-((


Thanks for that Jaye, at least you are aware of it now at any rate. :-))

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It's not meant to be a meaningful sentence. This is just the introduction to the letters, and as a bonus we're picking up a few words. Hence the other lesson quizzes like "b buffalo" and "phi philosophy".


She sounds to me like she is saying "σιγμα ταλικο και τ σταση........." What is that second word, or three syllables? Does that perhaps refer to the terminal or ordinary form of the letter σ /σς


She says "σίγμα τελικό ...", "τελικό" is the name of the terminal sigma character "ς".


Yes—and, just to be clear, it should be noted that this is an error in the TTS; the character written is "σ", which is not σίγμα τελικό (ς).

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Yes, you are right. You'll see from the comments on this page that this is a mistake. Why she says "teliko" we don't know, (she has a mind of her own sometimes) but since we are still in Beta we can't edit yet. But if we delete we don't introduce the letter "s" in Greek. Feedback from the community is what helps us correct these errors and we thnk you for your contribution. Please send more.


Yeah, absolutely, no worries: just wanted to point out in case people only read part of the comments. Thanks for all your hard work.

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