"The boy doesn't want water."

Translation:הילד לא רוצֶה מים.

August 31, 2016



Mem sofit is ם. Likewise, you have the other sofit characters. ךףץן. Aside for Mem Sofit, all the tailed characters. Sofit, I believe, means 'final'.

September 21, 2016


What is the rule for using מ and when ם should be used?

August 31, 2016


(format) ם is used when it is the last letter in the word.

August 31, 2016


Just gotta see if I understand the letter ו and י correctly. ו is pronounced "v" at the start of a word, but becomes "o" or "u" between certain/all letters? And י is always "j", but with the sound of a vowel after it, like "jo", "ju", "je"? I'm a bit confused by the vowels that's put inbetween.

September 21, 2016


The letter י can have the consonant sound of y as well as the long e sound. When it is a consonant, it can be followed by any vowel sound (as far as I know).

May 31, 2017


י "yod" can also signify a "long a" sound (ai/e) as well as a "long e" sound (i/ee).

April 1, 2019
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