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Greek can be typed by Latin letters, but what transliteration scheme is used here for Romanization?

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Please improve this feature it is very useful since I cannot install real Greek keyboard. It shows typos when I input only in Latin letters. I tried transliterations tables from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanization_of_Greek

August 31, 2016



Yes, please do it. It's so frustrating that I consider dumping the language altogether.

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Hello mit_kater! Have you tried using a Greek keyboard? For most devices it's only a case of accessing the device settings and activating it. See more information here HOW TO ADD THE GREEK ALPHABET TO YOUR KEYBOARD.
With regards to transliteration, according to the sticky post Writing in Greek or Greeklish (Greek with Latin characters),

>If you have problem with your Greek keyboard and want to transliterate a Greeklish sentence to Greek use this online converter following the letter rules of the site---> gr.transli.cc

I hope that keyboard issues won't put you off the course in the end and you can continue to learn Greek. :)


Thank you! I'm Russian, so I already have two keyboard layouts to switch between, and adding a third one would be a major inconvenience. However, a virtual on-screen keyboard works well.

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