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"Người đàn ông lấy người phụ nữ."

Translation:The man marries the woman.

August 31, 2016



It is just to practice "lấy", and I have heard "lấy chồng" (take a husband) before when people ask me if I've married yet. The point isn't to get the most common phrase, it's to practice specific vocabulary and all the ways you can use that word. It's practicing through context


When translating this sentence to English, why is the response "The man takes a woman" incorrect? As I understand it "lấy" literally translates as "take". Furthermore, when someone says in English "A man takes a wife", it does refer to marriage. I guess the translation "The man marries the woman." is the more accurate, but it is confusing as either English translation is correct in intent.


Isn't this literally "the man takes the woman"? I would think cứơi is a better verb to use.


We use "cưới" when we speak the evens which are happened around the wedding. We use "lấy" when we speak the man marry to the woman.


I think what Cao is trying to say is that this is a phrase.

So the 'writers' decided to include it.


Lấy means marriage.. I think ill remember that . shouldn't be hard to think of ways to help remember.


I had more problems with the pronounciation of the speaker rather than lấy or cưới or whatsoever


lol I literally just posted a comment saying that there are Vietnamese words that can mean more than one thing. Such is the case with Take and Marry (which also works in English).



"Người đàn ông lấy người đàn bà."

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