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Trouble loading lessons with safari 5.0.6

I have a problem with the portuguese lessons since the new website launch yesterday: when I click to begin my lesson, the screen is empty. I hear the recording, but there's nothing written on the screen, nowhere to type etc. Has anyone else got this problem?

February 8, 2014



I have the same problem using Mac OS X 10.5.8 with Safari.


i have contacted the support, hope they'll find an answer soon or I'm going to lose my 32 day streak!


try it on firefox if you have it on your mac until they fix the problem, my wife's computer worked but mine wouldn't.


I have the same problem but on Spanish


I have the same version and I also cannot load any lessons or tests. Hope Duolingo fixes it soon!


I have the same problem with Italian using Mac OS X 10.9 with Safari.


I have the same issue with the Spanish lessons. When I click on the lessons or strengthen button, a blank white screen with the green hillside shows up. When I scroll over the page, the cursor show ups where I'm supposed to be able to write or where the Spanish phrase is supposed to be, and I can hear sound when I click on it: but the entire page looks all white. Frustrating because I love this program!


Same thing with me I hope they fix it soon, I really love working on this program also.


exactly the same problem

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