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"Thirty musicians are playing the violin here."

Translation:Itt harminc zenész hegedül.

August 31, 2016



Different words for playing a game and playing a musical instrument? I forgot the other word :/


játszik is playing just for having fun.

Also hegedül is not "play" as such; it specifically means "play the violin". It's formed from hegedű "violin" and so "Thirty musicians are 'violinning' here" would be a more literal (and less natural) translation.


But you can also involve some playing in Hungarian: "Her violin playing is perfect" - "Az ő hegedűjátéka tökéletes."
Not sure about "violin playing" though. Is it how it is said in English?


Yes, that's right, and likewise piano playing, flute playing, and so on. We'd say "drumming" rather than drum playing but then that's pretty much the same as dobolás I guess.

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