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Weird mouse-over issue for word hints (Video)

Video of issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwWdSTtOQkw

So for some reason words sometimes seem to glitch out randomly when I mouse-over them for hints. This is the first time I thought to capture it, but it's happened a few times before. I haven't actually paid proper attention most of the time, but I notice that in this instance the word is glitching out between the two lines of text, so I wonder if it's some sort of issue relating to which line the word wants to be on.

February 8, 2014



I think your guess is correct.

The glitching word was probably barely long enough to be pushed to the second line - it didn't quite fit on the first. When you hovered over it, something changed and the browser suddenly thought it was shorter than it really was, so it went back to the first line. When it went back to the first line, you weren't hovering over it any more, and the browser thought it was long again.

Or maybe the issue has to do with the margin size changing (rather than the word size).


Hmm, looking over it again, I wonder if it is affected by punctuation. If not for the full stop, the word would remain on the first line, but the full stop pushes it on to the second line. However, upon mouse-over, the word is considered by itself, separately from the punctuation, leading something to bug out and try to push the word back to line one - at which point, the word is unhighlighted and thus considered with the adjacent full stop once again.

I know next to nothing about coding a site, so it's purely a guess, but it makes sense in my head. :P Hopefully, it gets resolved, because it can be quite annoying when it does occur to a word I don't know (as can be seen here, it's a new word).

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