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  5. "What have you seen?"

"What have you seen?"

Translation:Co zobaczyłyście?

August 31, 2016



What is the difference between "zobaczyć" and "widzieć"? Is it that zobaczyć is dokonany(perfective) and doesn't have a niedokonany pair like (dzwonić, zadzownić) and widzieć is niedokonany and doesn't have a dokonany pair, or ? I tried to google this but it is not clear yet, far from that. :) also I got impression that widzieć is taking a quicker look and zobaczyć is to look with more time ? Is that right at all? :) Dziękuję bardzo!


In this sentence both "widzieć" and "zobaczyć" should be accepted. They can be treated as a pair where one is perfective ("zobaczyć") and another one is imperfective ("widzieć"). The difference is difficult to explain in English but "widzieć" means "see" in sense "perceive with the eyes" (and naturally refers to the continous action). While "zobaczyć" refers to the short moment when you notice something.


What did you glimpse? What did you perceive?


"zobaczyć" is a basic verb in Polish. Those two seem rather unusual.


It's funny, in Russian it's Ćto wy uwideli (perfective verb) and in Ukrainian it's Szczo wy pobaczyly (also perfective).

Using both variants of widiet' and baczyty

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