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"A pályaudvar mellett szép épületek állnak."

Translation:Beautiful buildings are standing beside the train station.

August 31, 2016



What about "There are beautiful buildings standing next to the train station", or is it not correct English?


-------- sounds lovely to me ! . . .

Big 23 jul 18


------- but now that i look at it another time, if you're asking whether it should be the exact translation of duo's sentence, i think the "there are... " part is upsetting duo. i think that there is and there are explicitly require van or vannak . . .

Big 4 feb 19


I wish Duo would get this (szép) pretty/beautiful thing sorted, I hate having to second guess them each time


Upon my experience in both languages he best translation is for szep ''nice'' This is so neutral and exact.


I don't understand the word order. The main subject is beautiful buildings. Why do they come second after the station in the Hungarian sentance?

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