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  5. "Εμείς διαβάζουμε λίγο."

"Εμείς διαβάζουμε λίγο."

Translation:We read a little.

August 31, 2016



I was marked wrong for 'we read little'. This means something slightly different to 'we read a little' but surely the Greek sentence can be translated in this way too.

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Good catch. Since Greek does not distinguish between "little" and "a little" (or "few" and "a few") both are considered correct. I've added it to the incubator. Thank you.


I got marked wrong for "we read a little bit."

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Oh, right when the course was created they forgot to put in "a little bit" as a correct translation. I'll add it now.


Quick question:

Since I got this in the time skill, I'm assuming that at least one of the meanings is "we read a little" as in "we read for a short time frame". What I want to know is, is this also the natural way to say "we read a little" as in "we read part of the text"? if not, what is?

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It's similar to the English.

"Did you read the book? "I read a little." "Διάβασες το βιβλίο;" "Διάβασα λίγο."

"What did you do last night." "I read a little." Τι έκανες χθες το βράδυ." "Διάβασα λίγο. "

Without context in both Eng and Greek, we would use the same expression.


Maybe this sentence shouldn't be in the Time section?

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Duolingo occasionally throws in sentences that are irrelevant to the unit you're studying.


Well, it has happened to me in the past that irrelevant sentences of previous skills show up when I strengthen a skill, so I guess the purpose of this is an overall revision.

However, this sentence appeared when I was learning the Time skill for the first time, and it even showed λίγο as a new word. Should λίγο be a new word in the Time skill? Is there maybe a glitch?


Εμείς διαβάζουμε λίγο του βιβλίου??? Is it oKay to say in that wAy?


Not sure, I believe it's λίγο από το...

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