"Ta dziewczyna nie lubi psów."

Translation:This girl does not like dogs.

August 31, 2016

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I'm confused. Can it be: "Ta dziewczynka...?" And, isn't this sentence on accusative: "...nie lubi psy?" Then: "Ta dziewczynka nie lubi psy."


It can. "Dziewczynka" is usually younger than "dziewczyna", which starts at about the age of a teenager.

But the sentence is in Genitive because of negation. The positive sentence would use Accusative "lubi psy", but when negated, turns to "nie lubi psów".


Lol. The polish grammar drives anyone crazy! :-)


Actually this is one of the most basic rules ;) Just remember that not absolutely every negation causes Genitive - it's only if the positive sentence had Accusative (or already Genitive :P)

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    Nie zadawaj się z nią!


    I put doesn't and it says "Wrong: does not" What the heck, I can't use contratctions anymore??

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