"A zsiráf idefekszik és a zebrák elsietnek."

Translation:The giraffe lies down here and the zebras hurry away.

August 31, 2016

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I thought lefekszik is lie down but fekszik is just lie?


I imagine that all versions of "preverb implying motion" + fekszik will translate as "lie down" in English, not just lefekszik (lie + down) but also e.g. idefekszik (lie + to here) -- the latter would imply that he moves here and at the end of the movement is in a lying position.


Wouldn't "to lie down here" be "lefekszik ide" ?


Yes, but no. :)

"To lie" is usually regarded as static ("I've been lying here for a while") while "to lie down" is a movement. But that movement doesn't have to be downwards. You can also "lie down" in the upper part of a bunkbed.

"Lefekszik ide" would be a literal translation, but it's overspecifying things. So much that you'd wonder where "down" is. Idefekszik is much better to capture that "get here, lie down" meaning.

Tl;dr: English is terrible.


So le- always implies movement or is it individual?


the zebras hurry away - is an unusual verb for the hungarians - állatnál nem szoktuk mondani, hogy elsiet

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