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  5. "Eu misturo as duas cores."

"Eu misturo as duas cores."

Translation:I mix the two colors.

February 8, 2014



É "duas" o mesmo que "dois" mas feminino?


Wow!! First time I see that happening (not in Spanish, not in Italian, not in English, not in Swedish). Thanks Paulenrique!


Some Swiss German dialects have separate words for "two" and "three" depending on the gender — even though gender isn't separated in german plurals at all! Mine only has one word for either though, but my dad differs them, I think.


You're right... I was thinking about it and in Spanish we have "un/una", "uno/una", "unos/unas", but when it comes to other numbers, then it is only "dos", "tres", etc... independent from the gender.


The Spanish hundreds (200, 300, 400 ...) have different forms for masculine and feminine agreement (doscientos/doscientas etc.), just like Portuguese (duzentos/duzentas etc.).


But the change for the gender does not happen for all the numbers, just few of them. (Fortunately =])


You're right Davu, did not think of those... Although, contrary to what Maduro says, millones and "millonas" is not correct lol


Welcome to new oddities! =)


I put "I mix up the two colors" and it was marked wrong, even though the hint for "misturo" included "mix up"


I still have this same question. How do I say "mix up." I cannot tell one color from the other.

[deactivated user]

    I put "I mix two colours", I think this is a valid answer.

    [deactivated user]

      But why is the article required, it can often be dropped?


      I can't guarantee that it works the same in English, but at least in PT:

      Eu misturo duas cores = what two colors? You're just saying you mix two, unknown, random, unspecified, not important, just two any colors - it doesn't really make sense, unless the result of the mix doesn't matter (but if it doesn't, then why would you even say this - maybe something like "I mix two colors, to come up with a third - it happens to all colors, it doesn't need to be specific)

      Eu misturo as duas cores = it's implied everyone knows which colors you're referring to (maybe you're pointing, or you specified them before in the conversation)


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