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  5. "אני סוגר את המסעדה."

"אני סוגר את המסעדה."

Translation:I close the restaurant.

August 31, 2016



Guys, question. A lot of verbs are only give in the masculin form of the verb. But me, I am jotting the all four forms in my notebook (masculin and feminin for singular, masculin and feminin for plural). When the verb for the singular ends with a consonant letter, is it safe to be sure that I should be adding a ת to make it the feminin form of the verb? Or is there a chance to be ה as well? I don't want to keep the experts busy at this, so I want to know what the rule is, so I won't ask you every time. Thanks


It depends on the binyan. Look through the notes on the lessons, they're all explained there.


You find the compete tables of the important verbs here: https://www.pealim.com/


Does this mean closing it down for good, for a little or both?


I am struggling with how to distinguish in Hebrew between "I am closing the restaurant" (as in I'm doing it now) and "I close the restaurant" (that's my job, but I won't be doing it until later this evening).


You just add words that help distinguish between the two possibilities. For example, אני סוגר את המסעדה עכשיו (I am closing the restaurant now), אני סוגר את המסעדה כל ערב (I close the restaurant every evening), etc.


Its closed because there is corona


I'm writing this in the midst of worldwide lockdown (18 April 2020), and yet my brain thought "Mexican beer" when I read your sentence. I thought , "why close because of some Coronas?" Then it hit me. :-D


I first wrote "I lock the restaurant" and i got it wrong coz its "close". Isnt lock the better transalation?


To lock is לנעול, so "I lock the restaurant" would be אני נועל את המסעדה.


את is either "you" or the direct object marker depending on the vowels.

So this sentence could be "I am closing and you are the restaurant"?


There's no "and" though (-ו). I guess it can technically be "I am closing you are the restaurant", if it made sense, but that's not really a sentence.

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