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"Mniejszość ludzi lubi poniedziałek."

Translation:A minority of people like Monday.

August 31, 2016



I sense that this should be Mondays – in the plural – in English (at least in British English). The person speaking presumably doesn't like >all< Mondays. The example sentence might be correct, say, if you were discussing plans next week. 'Tuesday will be alright, but I don't like Monday,' but that's an unlikely context.


I agree with that. But the problem is, that we are unable to change the default Polish sentence (to say "poniedziałki", Mondays). And imperfect how it is, only "Monday" is a translation of it. So it has to stay.

We won't let such awkward sentences happen in the new version of the course ;)


A minority should be correct as well ?


I guess it should. Added.


The minority of THE people?

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