"Ez nem sapka."

Translation:This is not a beanie.

August 31, 2016

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what is the difference between sapka and kalap?


Just as a tip, Google Image Search is often a good way to get a feeling for the difference between two words like this (at least a rough idea, anyway).


Hopefully the same spelling does not correspond to a word in another language with a different meaning :)

For example, an image search for sapka will also find normal hats on web pages where those were labelled with the Turkish word for hat, şapka.

Sometimes restricting the image search with site:hu to websites with Hungarian domains will help. (But I've also seen Czech search results on .pl pages from Poland, for example, when presumably the pages were for a Czech audience.)


By the way the word has an amazing history. The Turkish word "şapka" has Russian origin ("шапка"). And the Russian word has French origin ("le chapeau"), which in its own turn has Latin origin ("cappa"). The most wonderful fact that this word had returned back from Russian to French as "chapka" with meaning "russian winter hat".

I suppose that English word "cap" has direct Latin source. And the Hungarian "sapka" has the same source indirectly.


There is a theory that French borrowed the Slavic shapka and adapted it.


So interesting! Thank you very much!


Sapka is cap, kalap is basically hat.


I thought beanie would be rendben but it ain't


Try 'micisapka'


We have in turkis both şapka (sapka) and kalpak(kalap) . I think there were a word transfer to Hungarian during the Ottoman influence over the Hungary(likely 160 years).


and also there is alma and kapu . I got schocked when i see this words in the first time. And i think also 'sok':çok in turkish

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