"Odpoczynek jest bardzo ważny."

Translation:Resting is very important.

August 31, 2016

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I feel 'a rest is very important', should be included too.


rest - an instance or period of resting, a motionless state.

a rest - an object that is used to support something.

the rest - The remaining part of something, the remaining people or things; the others.


Does this mean like relaxation? Because "The rest" and "Rest" mean two different things. Rest means relaxing or sleeping while "The rest" means the remaining part of the whole.


Well, relaxation is "relaks", but it's often a part of "rest". This is a sentence about resting and restoring your... powers, yes :P

But is there no way that it could be some specific rest (after a training, let's say), using "the"? The main translation doesn't have "the", but is using it completely wrong?


"The rest" really implies the remaining part of the whole. You can probably find a context it would work differently but I can't think of any natural ways to use it that way. I don't think it should be accepted


Okay, deleted then.


In English it would be correct to say: "To rest, is very important" or "Resting is very important"; but "Rest is very important" sounds unnatural.


"Rest" is both a noun and a verb. "Rest is very important" is correct and it is perfectly natural. If you want to use the verb form of rest, you would need to say, "It is very important to rest." It is unnatural to move "to rest" to the front.


A break is very important?


"a break" = "przerwa".

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