"I like small animals, for example cats."

Translation:Lubię małe zwierzęta, na przykład koty.

August 31, 2016

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Having trouble with the distinction between "Lubię" and "Podoba mi się". For example, here I wrote "Podoba mi się małe zwierzęta, na przykład koty" and this response was marked as wrong. Hovering over "I like" also produced the translation "Podoba mi się", exacerbating my confusion.




It's a difficult question. When referring to animals, the verb lubić is used, for the most part. I was trying to find a text sample where podobać się is used in this context and the result was, well, horrifying.


I translated this as „Podobają się małe zwierzęta, na przykład koty”, recognising that the subject is plural. Not sure why this is wrong…


You're almost right, but the verb "podobać się" needs a pronoun in Dative, as it works kinda like "small animals are (aesthetically) pleasing (to whom?)". So it needs to be "Podobają mi się małe zwierzęta".

Oh, you actually wrote that, I can now see your report (thanks for reporting); you only missed it in the comment. Usually it's the other way round, users write something correctly in the comment but make some typos in the version they report :D

Anyway, ok, let's add it.

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