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  5. "העניבות שלו יפות."

"העניבות שלו יפות."

Translation:His ties are beautiful.

August 31, 2016


[deactivated user]

    I think in this case I should be able to translate יפות As nice. You don't typically say someone's ties are beautiful or pretty, :)


    Oops. The other day I told a friend at work his tie was pretty. o_O


    I said his tie was handsome and it was marked wrong, it's my fault obviously but they said I should have used nice, but in another skill when someone tried to use nice for clothing it was marked wrong. Sigh.


    Yes, this course is sadly lacking in consistency.


    I use yafot to mean nice, pretty, beautiful etc.


    Could it be "necktie" ? It is often used instead of "tie". At least it shouldn't be marked "wrong".


    I use necktie to differentiate it from a bowtie (which are way cooler btw)


    that's what the flag button is for


    Israelies never wear ties. Why am i learning a word i will never use nor have s conversation about :(


    We're in the global village, you know. We might be discussing the outfits of guests in the academy award ceremony (-:


    Why is it in plural? Rhats how its said in hebrew? "His ties?" . In english we use singular. ..


    Not necessarily. Not that I'm speaking on behalf of all men here, but I, myself have several ties that I feel pretty good about. One of my brothers at my local congregation has seen my various ties that I wear to שבת services, and has complimented me on many of them. Thus, I have an example in him of one who the statement might be heard from, "his ties are nice."


    I wonder why "necktie" is rejected?


    report it with the flag button

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