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  5. "הפיל שוקל טון וחצי."

"הפיל שוקל טון וחצי."

Translation:The elephant weighs a ton and a half.

August 31, 2016



Does shekel come from לשקול?

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Yes. It's an ancient unit of measurement equivalent to around 11 grams. An ancient coin was the שקל כסף or a shekel of silver. This is similar to the "pound" being both a unit of measurement of weight and a monetary unit.

Of course a pound of sterling silver would be worth around 230 GBP.

OTOH a shekel of sterling silver would be around $6 or around 25 NIS


Good to know! Thanks a lot


כֵּן, אֲבָל זֶהוּ פִּיל קָטָן מְאוֹד..


The English sentence is funny, as it means that the elephant is using scales to weigh something else. Another elephant?

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You still say that something weighs a ton or that I weigh 80 Kg (I wish...)

Should we raise the issue of ton vs tonne?

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