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  5. "Η σαλάτα μου έχει τομάτα."

"Η σαλάτα μου έχει τομάτα."

Translation:My salad has tomatoes.

August 31, 2016



I think the English version of this sounds better with "tomatoes", rather than "tomato". What do you think?


Again it depends on context. This could be, "Waiter, my salad has tomato which I told you I didn't want." or "There are tomatoes in my salad." which sounds better.


I agree, but maybe it's regional. I would never say, "My salad has tomato" in English.


More likely to say, "There's tomato in my salad," but I'm not sure that would be accepted. I think it is region, because I'm more likely to have a big tomato sliced up, than small tomatoes.


It is (both singular and plural) along with the other translations which may not sound like absolutely natural English. Working here for so long I've come to believe that our job is to teach Greek. If we were to restrict our Greek sentences only to those that translate smoothly into English we would be doing our learners a disservice. Natural Greek just doesn't always conform to those needs.


I would be far more likely to say, "there are tomatoes in my salad."


Yes, and that is one of the accepted versions.


It is not how it sounds! Is about wrong or right!


I'm evermore confused as to why 'H' sometimes means 'the' and other times 'my', and it seems to be a necessary but soundless prefix to proper names...?


"Η means "the"

which we use in Greek for this sentence but not in English.

μου means "my".


"Η σαλάτα μου" means "my salad".

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