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  5. "Your white shirt is nice."

"Your white shirt is nice."

Translation:Ta chemise blanche est jolie.

February 4, 2013



Can't 'bon' also be used to say 'nice'? I've seen it used in that context.


Humm, hardly use "BONNE" in that contest [BONNE is the feminine of BON] maybe use "BELLE" feminine of "BEAU" ). But people can understand what you mean. Most of the time, "BON" seem to be used to for english word ''GOOD" example: "C'EST UN TRĂˆS BON RESTAURANT" means "IT IS A VERY GOOD RESTAURANT". If I say C'EST UNE BONNE CHEMISE [IT IS A GOOD SHIRT], I likely talk about THE QUALITY and not too much about the beauty of that shirt.

Sorry for my english.


Your English is quite understandable and I appreciate the explanation. Thanks


Why I lose heart when I use "ta" ? I thought "chemise" is feminine that's why I used "ta". I thought it should be right.


Did the correction say you should use 'ton'? If not I doubt that was the problem with your sentence. What was the full sentence you wrote?

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