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  5. "הקרקע חומה."

"הקרקע חומה."

Translation:The ground is brown.

August 31, 2016



Is there significant difference between קרקע and אדמה ? Are they used in different contexts or smth?


They can usually be used interchangeably. קרקע is used more for saying 'ground' as in 'not in midair', and אדמה is used more for the actual 'ground' that reminds you of a field


Hakar kakhuma? Or should it be hakarka khuma?


I agree, the recording sounds like it's breaking up the words the first way you typed it.


I figured it out actually!! The recording could be correct if the stress is this way: Hakárka khumá. If you try and say it out loud even if you put a pause between the two words, it would still sound like in the recording haha!! All we need now is a native speaker to validate whether my suggestion is correct or no :)


Yep, you're right! Though KARka is used as well


The brown ground was marked wrong. So how would you say the brown ground in Ivrit. DL says the translation is- the ground is brown Please show me how The brown ground And The ground is brown Would each be in Ivrit.


If I'm not mistaken, הקרקע החומה

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