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  5. "Αυτό είναι το άλογο μου."

"Αυτό είναι το άλογο μου."

Translation:This is my horse.

August 31, 2016



There should be another accent on the second omicron: το άλογό μου because μου is clitic and άλογο is stressed on the third last syllable.


Then how does one say: "This horse is mine"?

"Αυτό το άλογο είναι δικό μου"?


My horse is amazing...


What is the difference between το άλογο and ο ίππος? the latter seems to be more ancient (cf. English and international words like hippology, hippodrome, hippogriff) but I might be mistaken.


Does "mou" change in conformity with cases or it's a noun that changes, or an article? Or everything?


Μου is the weak genitive form of the first person singular pronoun εγώ and is used to indicate possession. It does not change under any circumstance, if what you want to express is possession.


So only articles and nouns change in declensions of possessive constructions?


Yes for example:
Ο άντρας μου=my husband. (Nominative)
Του άντρα μου=my husband's.
Τον άντρα μου=my husband (Accusative)
- άντρα μου= (vocative) my husband


please add "That's my horse" to the correct versions


Is there a version shorter than 9 syllables, or is Greek usually more long-winded than English? ("It's my horse" is 3.)


Greek is always more long-winded that English, and that's why it is spoken fast.


I put "the horse is mine". Why is that not quite correct? Please and thanks!


It doesn't express the same idea. In the Duo sentence, it refers to "this horse" in other words a specific one. It is a slight difference but in a teaching course there needs to be accuracy.


This one always reminds me of : https://youtu.be/wSYpsRJuWdA ! It's one of my favorite scenes in Ed, Edd, and Eddy and Rolf is my favorite character. I think my love for Rolf is part of why I love the funkiness of the Greek language and Greek music. <3

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