"The boys and the girls"

Translation:Τα αγόρια και τα κορίτσια

August 31, 2016

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Is there any difference in terms of meaning between κοπίτσια and κοπέλες? :)


I think you mean: κορίτσια would be informal, while κοπέλες is a bit more formal. It's a nuance thing. You have to get used to it. We'll try as the course goes on.


Κοπέλες is not necessarily more formal but could imply an older group of girls, like ladies vs girls does.


yes, that sounds more like it.




More usual is κορίτσια. More formal, the opposite in sex and the same age of αγόρια. Not usual to call an relatively old woman both words. It's a bit rude and mocking for these ages, unless they are talking friends to each other. In case you have to call a girl formally the most usual is to call her δεσποινίς=miss, or κυρία=lady. For more intimate you can add a μου after. But be careful how you call a woman, as it usual in all languages i guess ;) :)


Whats the difference between τα and οι?


These are two of the definite article forms in plural. See the tips and notes for how grammatical gender, number and case (declension) play a role in article-noun matching.


Where can I see the tips amd notes when using my phone?


Unfortunately, you can't... :/ They are only available on the website...


Once again, i made a mistake but duo say it is a typo. Never learn like this....


I am sorry about your problem however this Forum is for language-related issues. What you are referring to is a technical error made by the program that grades the exercises. You should report it directly

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