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  5. "Ένας άντρας."

"Ένας άντρας."

Translation:A man.

August 31, 2016



So μια is a for feminine and ενας is a for masculine.


Yes, and ένα for a neuter noun.

Note that this applies to the grammatical gender of the word; for example, ένα άτομο “a person” is grammatically neuter, as are ένα αγόρι, ένα κορίτσι “a boy, a girl”.


hey there, great course! thank you so much. now just a quick question, i understood ντ sounds like "d" or sometimes "nd", but here it does sound simply like "nt" to my ears. is this correct?


Actually, the rule says that "ντ" is supposed to sound as "d" if it's at the beginning of the word, and "nd" if it's inside the word. However, many tend to pronounce it as "d" in all cases, but it's wrong. Furthermore, it never sounds like "nt" - unless it's foreign word or name transcribed in the Greek alphabet.


Here, I listen to the woman saying "antras". The Google Translator woman says "adras". But accordingly to the rule, I should say "andras". Is that right?


"Andras" is the proper pronunciation, but many tend to say "adras". The second one is wrong; however, since it's being used and languages transform themselves as time goes by, it has become acceptable.


Actually the word in greek is not "άντρας". It's "άνδρας". The correct pronunciation is really difficult for someone who can't say "δ" perfectly. So if you say "andras" and pronounce the "δ" as "d", it sounds wrong. It's better to say "adras", which is the correct pronunciation of "αντρας" and we also use it in the greek everyday-language.


I wrote άνδρας, instead of άντρας, which is actually concidered as correct here in greece. thats the original way of writting the word man, which has origins from ancient greek, ὁ ἀνήρ , του ανδρός . Still though, it was taken as a mistake and there is no report option for '' my answer should be correct'', or however it should be.


Listening exercises can only accept one form, as far as I know.

And you are expected to type what you hear -- since the voice says [andras] and not [anðras], you have to type άντρας and not άνδρας.

In a translation exercise (English to Greek) for this sentence, both forms should be accepted.


How do i get the greek keyboard to work?


I just read in the notes before beginning the lesson that Άντρασ could also be spelled Άνδρασ but I was marked incorrectly....?


is antras related to English anthro-?


No; that's from άνθρωπος "man, human".

άντρας is from the old ανήρ, ανδρ- and is the source of words such as "androgynous, androgen, andrologist".


but ant(h)r(o)-as!


Sometimes it is o and sometimes eνας before the word αντρας.


Yes, just like you can see both "the man" and "a man" in English.

ο άντρας = the man

ένας άντρας = a man


I cant type in greek alphabet


I cannot type Greek alphabet


Please visit the Greek Forum homepage on the web or go to your phone settings.


I can't write the Greek alphabet on my samsung 7 edge. Can someone tell me how to do it?


Audio says 'adras' not 'antras'


Audio says 'adras' not 'antras'

Well, yes.

ντ in Greek makes the "d" sounds as in "dad" or the "nd" sound as in "bend" -- not the "nt" sound as in "bent".

So άντρας sounds like "andras" or like "adras" (either pronunciation is fine), not like "antras".

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