"Il ira à la réunion à ma place."

Translation:He will go to the meeting in my place.

February 4, 2013

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Not sure if (in this context) à ma place means «at my house» or if it means «as my substitute»? Is it possible to say «ma place» interchangably with «chez moi»?


"ma place" never means "chez moi". It can mean "my seat". so, you're right, "il ira à la réunion à ma place" means "as my substitute".


"At my place" seems a better translation than "in my place", but it is not accepted.


the meaning is different with "at my place" = where I live.

in this sentence, "à ma place" means that "he" will attend the meeting instead of me.


How do you know that from the french expression? It seems to be ambiguous to me.


I know it because it is a very usual phrase:

"à ta place, je ne lui donnerais pas d'argent" (= if I were you / in your shoes, I would not give him any money)

"si je pouvais, je passerais l'examen à ta place (= if I could, I would take the exam for you/in your place).

"reste à ta place, je vais chercher de l'eau" (= stay on your seat, I am going to get water).

but "à ma/ta/sa place" never means "at home"


At my place is wrong in this case. The meaning is 'he'll go to the meeting in my stead' (taking my place = in my place in this context) rather than 'he'll go to my house' (which is what 'at my place' means)


could rendezvous not be used in this context? It wasn't accepted.


You could (in real life) say: il ira au rendez-vous (2 words+hyphen) à ma place.

But "un rendez-vous" is not synonymous with "une réunion".


Thank you Sitesurf. I will use reunion for office meetings from now on. Would a "date" be a rendez-vous, or is there another term that better suits that occasion? Cheers


"Un rendez-vous" is indeed used for romantic purposes (slang: un rencard), but it can also be any type of get-together, like "un rendez-vous chez le dentiste", "un rendez-vous d'affaires".


Un rendez-vous d'affaires = une réunion, but "un rendez-vous" by itself is not equal to "une réunion." Oui?


Not, it is just the fact at at a given time and a given place, you will be together with someone (or several people).

"rendez-vous" means "go!" (se rendre = to go)


Oh come on! Should accept «He will go to the reunion in my stead», reported (28 February).

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