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  5. "The article 'the'."

"The article 'the'."

Translation:Το άρθρο το.

August 31, 2016



the = o, η, το, οι, τα

Τη μια δέχεται ως σωστό το άρθρο 'η' και την άλλη το άρθρο 'το' αλλά όχι τα υπόλοιπα.


I think that at this point they are only teaching these two articles. The others will be taught later. Or am I misconstruing your question? Please give some more context so we can make any neceassary changes.


I think he's saying that some answers require 'η', while others require 'το', while all the other articles are ignored altogether. I know you haven't specifically taught all of them up to this point (even though a few have appeared in lessons), but is it possible to make them all correct? Otherwise we'll just be trying to guess which article you mean this time.

Also, I put 'η' and I got it wrong, so it's not accepting that either.


Yes, I understand now. Thanks Elenaki. I'm going to have a look at the Notes on the upcoming lessons. If not it's not there we'll try to get it on the resource page. Or attach a good grammar site.


Thanks. Appreciate all the work put in.

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