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Are Swedish phones people-shaped?

I can't report this in the sentence itself as it's part of the "lesson" so there's no report button under it, hence - posting it here.

It asks me to select the translation of "a telephone" and this is the picture it shows me which apparently shows a Swedish phone:


I'm not an expert, but this phone clearly looks like a male human. Is that how phones look like in Sweden? ;)

But seriously, I guess he's holding a phone on the far right which is capped so maybe you could use a picture of just a phone there...? Or fix the cropping.

August 31, 2016



It's the new Ericsson G54.


Oh, so this is the famous Eric's son. Got it ;)


Heh. ;)

It's probably a bug of some kind. If it happens again, report it.


Oh dear. No, that's a Norwegian phone. Don't know how it slipped through - thanks for noticing.


Given that many people pay more attention to their phone than to other human beings present, clearly the human face is just the symbiont of a phone.


There should be a report button for the image not matching after you check your answer...


Oh, indeed. Sorry, I'll report it there now. Thanks for the info :)


It seems that there are multiple images for the same word, can't get the right one now. Anyway, one of the mods will see it here.


Funny... maybe they're thinking 60 or so years in the future? (The swedes will probably come up with it too).


lol.... funny !!!


I don't have Phone :(


that hilarious, but i dont think thats supposed to be there...

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