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  5. "Wir würden ein Auto mieten."

"Wir würden ein Auto mieten."

Translation:We would rent a car.

August 31, 2016



Why couldnt you use auto instead of car?


I wouldn't say it in American English, but if "auto" is used to mean car in some other variant of English, report it.


How would you say "We would like to rent out a car" (i.e. we have a car and we would like to let someone rent it out for money)?


You would use vermieten in that case: Wir würden gerne ein Auto vermieten.


Wenn unser Auto eine Panne hatte, würden wir ein Auto mieten.


I think you mean hätte (conditional), not hatte (past tense)?

Wenn unser Auto eine Panne hatte is something like "When(ever) our car broke down, ..." (referring to actual events in the past), but then the second sentence would have to be in the indicative mood as well, not conditional -- German doesn't use würde the way that English uses "would" to indicate regular but real occurrences. So that would be Wenn unser Auto eine Panne hatte, haben wir ein Auto gemietet (or ...mieteten wir ein Auto if you prefer).


We would like to hire a car . Now what's wrong with that as an answer eh?


That it's not a translation of the German sentence.

Where did you get the word "like" from? It's not anywhere in the German sentence.


With audio only you can't differentiate between this and "Wir wurden ein Auto mieten" without context.


Eh? Not only are würden and wurden pronounced differently, Wir wurden ein Auto mieten doesn’t even make any sense grammatically.


I guess I meant "werden".


Auto and Car are synonyms


Hire and rent mean the sane English when referring to a car


Hire and rent mean the sane English when referring to a car

And they are both accepted.

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