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"I like only purple! Not blue and not red, only purple."

Translation:אני אוהב אך ורק סגול! לא כחול ולא אדום, רק סגול.

August 31, 2016



Why would it have to be emphasized only in the first sentence? I would actually put the emphasis on the second sentence rather than on the first


why in the first case: אף ורך --and in the end of the sentence, the same meaning-only רך?


Not רך, guys. רק with ק.


And not אף, but אך.

The word אף has a different use, such as "even" in even though (אף על פי) or just simply "nose" by itself.


I learn recently (in another post) that it was about emphasize. " אף ורק" would be more categorical than " רק"


That sounds really interesting, but I'm not sure I completely understand. Do you think you could expound a little on your explanation? Thank you :)


If I understood correctly, it would be the same difference as in: "I love you" or "I do love you". Both sentences mean the same, but the second one is written this way to stress, to accentuate the meaning.


Ok i think i get it now, thanks


ok, thank you. Now I understand


only as in "this and only this" - אך ורק.


can not understand why this is correct and this is wrong "אני אוהב רק סגול, לא כחול ולא אדום אך ורק סגול


Changing the position of 'rak' and 'ach vrak' makes this wrong??? This is an issue from 2 years ago, 2 months ago, and it is still wrong wrong wrong.

אני אוהבת רק סגול לא כחול ולא אדום אך ורק סגול


Maybe not wrong, but it's unnatural. אך ורק is emphasizing "only" and it's best to put it only in the first sentence.

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